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LYNU Hosts the Annual Activities of American Teachers’ China Tour Successful


On May 10th of 2014, USA National Teacher of the Year Award winner Sean MaCaw came to our school, preparing for the annual activities of American teachers visiting in China which will be held in May 11th. My school Shi Mingde, Secretary of the Party in LYNU, met Sean. Secretary Shi expressed his warm greetings and sincere thanks for his coming and developing the exchange activities on education. He said, the elementary education of Luoyang should adapt to the development of situation positively. And Luoyang was trying to exploring new educational methods. As a normal university, our university has the duty to deepen the reform of education and train good teachers for elementary education. We wish that by Mr. Sean’s exchange activity, Luoyang can get new idea for elementary education and broaden the horizon. Secretary Shi wished the annual activities of American teachers visiting in China a completely success.


At 9 a.m. on May 11th, the annual activities of American teachers visiting in China, co-hosted by LYNU and Luoyang Daily, was held in Luoyang first senior middle school. Liang Liuke, The president of LYNU, attended this activity accompanied by principal of the office of academic affairs, College of Education Science, College of Preschool Education, all the teachers and all the students of teacher class and 211 experimental courses, as well as, nearly a thousand education management persons in Luoyang area, and representatives of outstanding teachers. They had a close contact with the United States outstanding teachers, absorbed international education philosophy and extended education field of vision.


President Liang warmly welcomed Mr. Sean. He introduced that the reading plans of universities which was advanced individual determination has achieved a remarkable success. Ninety eight percent of the students who join in the activity got the letters of admission of universities. President Liang thought the elementary education both in America and China were worth praising. The combination of these two countries and cultures must produce some new ideas. This educational activity can reflect the developing trend of elementary education. Education needs to rely on the theory. Only Sean work together with other teachers, can the elementary education go forward.


President Liang, who was on behalf of LYNU, gave Sean the exquisite gift which was made by the teachers and students in our university.


“Kids before content and love before all” is Sean Macaw’s teaching philosophy. He elaborated this concept in the following lecture and taught it by English.


He said he was a student with learning difficulties. But because of those two teachers’ love and encouragement, he changed a lot. In the teaching activities, compared with historical fact and literary terms, we should pay more attention to students and developing their skills, abilities and habits and meet their needs.


“How do American universities train normal students’ teaching abilities? What are the developing conditions of whole family teachers…” In the high-level exchanges of those educators that afternoon, the deputy director of the office of Professor Meng Xianle and other educational circles had a wonderful talking focusing on Teachers' self growth, stimulating students' interest and other topics. American annual Teacher Award was created in 1952, which has the longest history and highest reputation in teachers’ awards. It picks out one from more than five million teachers and the winner can meet the American president in White House. In May 1st 2014, Sean Macaw were rewarded, who was only 30 years old. It was reported that this the annual activities of American teachers visiting in China had three stations. The first station is Wuhan. After the relavant activities in Luoyang, Sean has gone to Guangzhou by plane.

President Liang’s speech


President Liang, who was on behalf of our university, gave gifts to Sean Macaw.


Meng Xianle, deputy director of the Senate as a guest in the Sino US education and high-end dialogue activities

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